2 Options to Improve NANOPOROUS IRON OXIDE Flow-Rate for Column or Cartridge Filter Applications:
  • PELLETIZE - Like all other sorbents listed, our nanoporous iron oxide sorbent could be mixed with a binder into a pelletized form.
    Minimizing the amount of binder needed to pelletize our nanoporous iron oxide is a topic not yet researched. Pellets could be fabricated into virtually any size range required for virtually any application.

  • MECHANIZE - Fixed sorbent bed or static fiber filters degrade filtration performance by limiting or eliminating sorbent movement.
    In 2013, a patent was filed for a novel filter design that incorporates non-pelletized nanoporous iron oxide, active filter bed + self-cleaning membrane functionality to optimize effluent flow rate, sorbent capacity + filter life. Pictures of 1st & 2nd Generation Prototypes display below.